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Welcome to Tunesday Records !

Playalongs for musicians

Rock - Funk - Pop - Jazz

Music minus one Jamtracks

for drummers, guitar-, saxophone-, piano-, bass-, bluesharp-, trumpet-players....

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Published on our Groove it-label:  price of each CD: 12,90 (about 16.- $ / US-Dollar / 15/09/2006)

Shipping-Costs within EU-countries: 1 - 4 CDs: 6.- €

Shipping-Costs to USA / worldwide: 1 - 4 CDs: 10.- €  Payment via PayPal is possible (+ 2.- € fee)

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Check out our creative and groovin' jamtracks for all kind of instruments, like guitar, drums, bass, saxophone, trumpet, bluesharp and more....

Playbacks for Improvisation (Pop/Rock) Vol.1 - in all 12 keys by Jörg Sieghart (order number: GI 101)                                                                                           for more information click here !

Playbacks for improvisation Vol.1

Practise like a professional: improvise in all 12 keys! This CD was produced by Jörg Sieghart (former editorial employée for the 'Soundcheck' magazine and author of 'Electric Guitar' - Voggenreiter Verlag), it is the basic CD of our series 'Playbacks for Improvisation' and has already earned some excellent critics: 'extraordinaire' (Sound & Vision 2/02), 'The CD sounds very good and fresh...' (Keyboards 1/02), '...lovely arranged, through and through composed songs in most various musical colours and styles, rhytms and beats...' (Richard Palmer-James / Ex-Supertramp)     price: 12,90 €

for Quotes & press-reviews click here !

Listen Demo-Samples at Finetunes

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Here you find a great Guitar Shop with a lot of guitars,

guitar-amps and other musicians equipment....



Playbacks for Improvisation (Pop/Rock) Vol.2 - modal Grooves by Jörg Sieghart (order number: GI 102)

Rock, Funk & Fusion Playbacks for advanced musicians to develop one´s  solistic creativity. This CD is suitable for all Lead-Instrumentalists (guitatists, saxophonists, keyboarders etc.) looking for a demanding accompaniment for practising the 'modes'. Apart from the modal scales (also called 'church scales') you can as well use Blues-Scales, Pentatonic-Scales and Arpeggien when playing a solo.      price: 12,90 €

Listen Demo-Samples at Finetunes

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Playbacks for Improvisation (Pop/Rock) Vol. 3 - Blues by Jörg Sieghart (order number: GI 110)

This CD is imperative for any Blues-Lover! Ten handmade Playalong-Tracks provide an authentic accompaniment. Soloists, no matter which instrument they play, will start new high-altitude flights.  Various Blues-Grooves like the ballad, the shuffle, the Rock-Blues and the New Orleans-Groove have been put together in its typical keys.  Therefore, the current range of classical Blues-rhythms is being processed.

As some kind of inspiration the CD also includes a couple of samples.

The following harmonies are printed in the CD booklet. More information as well as leadsheets will soon be available on the Tunesday Records Homepage.   price: 12,90 €

Listening-Samples at Getyourmusic:

Trailer   (in german..)

Playback 1 - Blues in A

Solo-Sample Bluesharp to Playback 1

Playback 6 - Shuffle-Rock

Solo-Sample Guitar to Playback 6

Playback 10 - New Orleans Groove

Solo-Sample Saxophone to Playback 10

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Review "Playbacks for improvisation Vol.3 - Blues" by Jörg Sieghart in Gitarre & Bass ("guitar & bass" - german guitar- and bassplayer magazine):

"Whoever is alone at home and would like to improvise to blues-playbacks maybe exactly therefore, that becomes quite well serves with PLAYBACKS FOR IMPROVISATION - BLUES VOL. 3. Beside two reference-tuning-notes of the piano offers this Audio-CD playbacks in different keys and Tempi, once as Ballad, as Shuffle or Blues-Rock, and that all to improve on the improvisation-ability of the buyer. Later he (the buyer) still finds some solo-examples on the CD as improvisation-suggestions to the gone ahead playbacks. In the Booklet, the chord-sequences of the individual playbacks are portrayed. Simple, conclusive concept."



Playbacks for Improvisation Jazz Vol.1 - Jazz Basic by Stefan Berker (order number: GI 103) free sheet music

The Playalong-CD for Jazz-beginners: the CD which is published by Stefan Berker (former leader of the Jazz & Rock School-Berlin) was recorded live and has an ingenious structure. 'Jazz Basic is practical and has a comprehensible conception. It´s all about the fun of the music. When I started listenting to the CD, I straight got my guitar and improvised to the swinging and grooving playbacks (Peter Wölpl - guitarist of the Klaus Lage band).              price: 12,90 €

Listen Demo-Samples at Finetunes

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Playbacks for Improvisation Jazz Vol.2 - JAzz Advanced by Stefan Berker (order number: GI 104) free sheet music

The Playalong-CD for Jazz-advanced musicians: the CD which is published by Stefan Berker (former leader of the Jazz & Rock School-Berlin) is the continue CD of Jazz Basic, it was recorded live and has an ingenious structure: 'Jazz Advanced contains a  practical training programme with a thought through conception. The didactic well-founded structure guarantees a continuous success in learning' (Joe Haider - former leader of the Swiss Jazz School). Apart from II-V-I - connections and Jazz-Blues the tracks offer some more current Jazz-cadenzas as accompaniment for one´s own solos.     price: 12,90 €

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Playbacks for Improvisation Jazz Vol.3 - Jazz Blues by Stefan Berker (order number: GI 106) free sheet music

This CD is dedicated to Jazz Blues only! All instrumentalists (except drummers -  for them we´ve got the series 'Playbacks for Drummers') can play theis solos to this CD which has a length of 78:56 min. The Playalongs were arranged in most various musical colours and styles and were recorded live by excellent professional musicians, for example Earld Bostic (contrabass), Michael Clifton (drums) and Reggie Moore (piano).      price: 12,90 €

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Playbacks for Drummers Vol.1 by Jörg Sieghart (order number: GI 105) english version available !

Listening-Samples at Getyourmusic:

  Trailer   (in german.. from the german version: english version available !)

  Sample 1

  Sample 2

  Sample 3 (Drum-Groove-Sample)

  Sample 4

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This drums jamtrack CD has been produced on the suggestion of engaged drummers, music traders as well as percussion teachers. It  offers Rock, Funk, Pop & Fusion-Grooves in most various beats for all drummers that wish to practise with an accompanying band. We have consciously left out the clicktrack which makes this CD a perfect training partner when it comes to Groove-Feeling and Timing! According to the percussion-magazine 'Sticks'  'this CD is a real good thing that can be recommended without any doubt!' (Sticks 12/2003)     price: 12,90 €

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 More information and samples here at drum jamtracks download

Playbacks for Drummers Vol.2 - easy Grooves 1 by Martin Haene (order number: GI 107)

Playbacks for drummers Vol.2

Suggested by different customers, this is the CD for drum-beginners: Rock and Pop-Grooves in most various beats with a clicktrack (very important for beginners). As the clicktrack is only on the left canal it can be turned off with the pan-control of the stereo if neccessary. As a special present 2 bonus tracks (by Tamara Stieß-rocklady from Berlin and the band Calaita which was elected  "Young Star 2004" by the radio station Antenne Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)  with vocals have been added to the CD, available as a full and playalong-version each.    price: 12,90 €

Listen Demo-Samples at Finetunes

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Playbacks for Drummers Vol.3 - Jazz Grooves 1 by Stefan Berker (order number: GI 108)

Pure Jazz: together with excellent musicians like Earl Bostic (bass) and Reggie Moore (piano), drummers have the oppurtunity to play along to the solos of professional musicians such as Christian Grabandt (trumpet), David Beecroft (saxophon), Stefan Berker (keyboards) and Jörg Sieghart (guitar). The tracks were recorded live and afterwards  in the mix the drum was erased.  Drum-Groove samples available by Michael Clifton and  Michael Schwarz.    price: 12,90 €   

Listen Demo-Samples at Finetunes

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Playbacks for Drummers Vol.4  - easy Grroves 2  by Martin Häne (order number: GI 111)

This CD follows easy Grooves 1 and it is again suitable for drum-beginners. Grooves in most various styles and beats. The playbacks contain a clicktrack! As the clicktrack is only on the left canal it can be turned off with the pan-control of the stereo if neccessary.  The CD contains a bonus track with vocals by Patrick Quintin and also offers the appropriate playback to the track.     price: 12,90 €

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Playbacks for drummers Vol. 5 - Blues     by Jörg Sieghart (order number: GI 112)

Blues is the root of all popular music: Due to this fact this CD is dedicated to Blues in all its variations and groove-samples. You will find grooves starting from Blues-ballads up to New Orleans-grooves and shuffle-rock. Enriched with first-class solos from guitar, saxophone, piano, bluesharp and hammond-organ a real pleasure of playing along with ! Because of the great response this CD contains 2 bonustracks with lead-vocals.  Beside the playalong-versions the CD offers drum-groove-samples for each playbacktrack.        price: 12,90 €

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buy at iTunes: Playbacks for drummers Vol.5 - Blues Playalongs Drums


Playbacks for drummers Vol. 6 - odd Grooves     by Martin Häne (order number: GI 115)

Because of varied demands this CD is dedicated to odd grooves and syncopated rhythms. The rehearsal-band for ambitious drummers, that would like to practice more complex material ! Sylistic the CD is based on a rock-sound like bands as Metallica or Limp Bizkit. Because of the more complex grooves and - as its result  the real long drum-groove-samples, this CD contains only 9 playalong-tracks + 1 bonustrack.  But 2 of the drum-groove-samples have full length and contains drum-ideas for the fullsize playbacks. On the Tunesday Records homepage ( you can download for free sheets with the written notation of the drum-groove-samples (according to the samples on the CD)  as pdf-files !                                                                                                                        price: 12,90

Listen Demo-Samples at Finetunes

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free Downloads

PDF-Files for  Playbacks for drummers Vol.6

simplified Leadsheets




Pure Drums Vol.1 - Jazz Grooves 1 (order number: GI 109)

This CD is the answer to different demands for  pure drum-tracks as session- and practise partner. Especially in the field of Jazz it is nearly impossible to program authentic drums. Our swinging 'Pure Drums' played by Michael Clifton and Michael Schwarz, two renowned drummers of the Jazz-scene in Berlin, take remedial action to this problem. No matter if your drummer is ill, if the session takes place in your living room or if you are simply looking for a partner - this CD is the perfect accompaniment. It can also be used for sampling ( limited as the tracks were recorded live, without a clicktrack): with the help of a timestretch function  the speed-adjustment should no longer be a problem!      price: 12,90 €

Listen Demo-Samples at Finetunes

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Jazz Basic 1 - Textbook with 3 CDs by Stefan Berker (order number: JB 01)

There is probably no othe book that describes stepping into the world of Jazz so easy and  comprehensible. With numerous samples and exercises  Stefan Berker (former leader of the Jazz & Rock School Berlin) makes going into Jazz as practical and uncomplicated as possible. This textbook is for Jazz-beginners wishing to acquire all basics of Jazz-music and who do not have any previous knowledge.       price: 29,90 € (including 3 CDs)

(some of the playbacks are taken from the CD 'Playbacks for Improvisation - Jazz Basic)

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Jazz Basic 2 - Textbook with 3 CDs by Stefan Berker (order number: JB 02)

Both of the textbooks Jazz Basic 1 & 2 'are structered in a way that beginners without any musicial knowledge just like professional musicians will find an easy, but also well-founded way into practical improvisation'. (Prof. Wolfgang Köhler - professor for piano at the college for music Hanns Eisler in Berlin)

Practical exercises and tasks  concerning the following harmonies, gain a hearing and rhytm make up a respectable foundation, followed by different improvisation exercises which are the main points of the whole textbook.            price: 29,90 € (including 3 CDs)

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Review 'DrumHeads' (01/2006)


Playbacks for Drummers Vol. 1 - 4

Drummers should practise and make as much music as possible. Of course you can play the grooves for hours and hours in your rehearsal room, but what really counts and makes up the feelings is the surrounding music. Therefore, the Groove it-label has published  up to now four different Playalong -CDs that come along with cool songs in most various styles and difficult grades, reaching from Rock, Pop and Fusion  to Jazz and Big Band. There are short samples to each song with proposals on the basic groove. You can practise  with a whole band in a great sound without any grumpy bass players, silly guitar players or   nerve-racking singers around you. The approriate Lead Sheets and notes shall be available in the future too -  an excellent service for an already great price-performance-relation.



Review 'Drums & Percussion  (01/2006)


Playbacks for Drummers Vol.4

Of course playing the drums together with some music means more fun! If there is no band available Playalongs are a convenient substitute.  That is what songwriter and guitarist Martin Häne and his team have thought about and published CD number 4 of their series 'Playbacks for Drummers'.   The CD is mainly dedicated to the drum-beginner and its structure meets all his needs: 28 easy comprehensible tracks from Country, Jazz up to Funk and HardRock - surely, all of them with a great grove factor. At first  the 'Fullversions' of the songs can be heard, followed by the Playback versions to play along to (with click).  That means not only the beginner will feel like making music, but also the advanced musician,  as you can play whatever you want along to the Playbacks. A good, convenient thing! Leadsheets are available on the Tunesday Records Homepage :


Press-votes to the CD " Playbacks for Improvising Vol.1 " by Jörg Sieghart appeared on our Groove it Label of Tunesday Records:  


SOUND & VISION, issue 2 / 2002, called the production" exceptional " and moreover: " With the help of this production the one practicing can focus on the harmonic surroundings, while improvising, and that way develop the ability of playing solo. Already, the first Track in C-major has despite its simple harmonies a good sound so that even beginners can deal with it easily and develop their abilities with the help of the CD.  


KEYBOARDS, issue 7 / 2002 - review by pianist Wolfgang Wierzyk,: " The CD sounds very good and "fresh" and not at all artificial. The songs are varied and stylistically diversified." And further on: " With 12. - Euro the CD is well-priced", as well as: "conclusion: a promising approach, which should not be endangered by copying this CD in view of the truly favorable price."  


MUSICOUTLOOK, issue 6/2002,: " The effect of learning exceeds by far only the stylistic one: That way trumpeters and saxophonists must also deal with, from their point of view, inconvenient guitar-specific keys like E-major or A-major, while the guitar-playing colleagues should also play their solos over the typical keys for brass, which is very useful for the ability of playing." And further on: " There is no need to argue about the quality of the production........Instrumentalists of each couleur can let off steam at home and can appear in the rehearsal without being upset. And that is really a good thing ." 


MUSICIAN, issue 6 / 2001,: "Something that was missing until now are Exercise-Playbacks for the Pop/Rock section, which introduce the practicing one systematically into the matter and accompany him through the different harmonies and keys. With Groove it - Playbacks Vol.1 Jörg Sieghart has filled this gap in the market, successfully. And further on: " More CDs in the playback-series are due to follow... ... we are curious and pleased with Jörg Sieghart`s commitment, which enriches the market decisively." 


MUSICIANS MAGAZINE, issue 2/2003 - Magazine of the German Rock-Musician-Association,: 

 " The investment is worthwhile for each band ".  


Quotations of musicians on the CD " Playbacks for improvising " Vol. 1 by Jörg Sieghart (for all lead-instruments):  


Richard Palmer-James - founder member and ex-guitarist of SUPERTRAMP comments:  

"... No dry practice-patterns but lovingly arranged and well-composed pieces in many different styles and tempos, which work as ideal scenarios for your own fantasies as a soloist..."  


Haymo Doerk - professional musician, ex-guitarist of Poems for Laila and guest-guitarist of Engerling as well as Scirocco - thinks:  

" Whether for instruction, for trying out new ideas or simply for letting of steam - these playbacks deliver a groovy, vivid and well sounding playalong, as one can only wish for as a soloist. With the push of just one button each key and style from pop to rock is available - wonderful "!  


Jürgen Birlinger - highly considered Singer/Songwriter, guitarist and music-teacher - says:  

" With different stylistics of rock and pop-music, this CD offers very well done playbacks for improvisation. Here, beginners as well as advanced musicians can experience themselves as frontman of a modern Rock/Pop-Band and enlarge their instrumental proficiency in playing solo. A modern orchestration and up-to-date grooves provide a lot of fun.  

Moreover, this CD is an absolute enrichment for the progressive instrumental-school! Well tempered and motivated students, who are finally allowed to rock and who have the possibility to try out what they have learned under real conditions, prove it....Good that there is" Play-A-Long " CD, now, for future rock- and popstars!  


The internet domain for musicians, Bloom, writes in their review by Robert Kneschke:  

" Ahem, because of playing around on my guitar I had almost forgotten to write this review. If a Playback-CD can distract that much, that is a good sign. .......................... A sonorous, diatonical carpet is created by percussion, rhythm-guitar, bass and keyboard, to which soloists can play and let off steam. ................................. .Now, please excuse me, I would like to keep on playing to track 14, reggae in G-major."  



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